LL Waterfall Design is a C-53 licensed contractor / manufacturer comprised of highly experienced designers, engineers, fabricators, and water feature specific trades.


Custom Automation 

Show Control

Advanced Lighting

In-house Engineering

3D C.A.D. Software

Digitally Rendered Concepts

In-house Manufacturing

Assigned Project Manager

Interactive CRM Software


C-53 Licensed

Global Installation

Skilled Project Coordinators

Integrated Contractor Blueprints

Versatile Craftsmen

Detailed Project Photographs


Modern Manufacturing Facility

Innovative Manufacturing Techniques

Energy Efficient Components / Materials

CNC Equipment

Highly Skilled Fabricators / Technicians

Active Research and Development Team

Cloud Based Production Updates

Rigorous Quality Control Inspections

Components Engineered for Freight


Revolutionary “L2O” patent pending liquid - Reduces maintenance by 95%

Hands-on service technicians routinely monitor and maintain water features

Advanced maintenance systems using the latest technologies

Integrated maintenance packages designed to manage and maintain water features (U.S. ONLY)

Schedule maintenance designed around clients request

Detailed Custom Owners Manuals for each unique project

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