From Design to Installation... ITS WHAT WE DO



- Commercial: Hospitality, Health-care, Restaurants, Corporate, and Public Locations.

- High-end residential

- Design / Engineering team with backgrounds in Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering,

  Manufacturing, and Quality Control

- State of the art 3-D C.A.D. software allows us to completely design each project in 3-D

  before it is built.

- Design of advanced maintenance systems using the latest technologies

- The use of Energy Efficient components and “Green Materials”

- Professional engineering drawings in multiple formats

- Quickly make changes to design and update drawings automatically

- On-site meetings with our design / engineering team

- Photorealistic computer generated images of the concept design

- Import architects original C.A.D. files

- Video library of actual water effects to determine look and function of different materials

- Provide customer drawings, renderings, and samples for client approval

- Provide contractor drawings for all supporting trades



- Experienced fabrication team with over 30 years combined experience

- Exclusive materials such as: Acrylic, Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, Glass,

  Mirror, Envel Designs™, 3-Form™, Mylar™

- Logo / Branding

- Heat forming

- R+D Department to test and prove design

- Quality Department to ensure designs meet specifications



- Our installation team travels globally to install any water feature we design

- During installation, projects are supervised by a member of our design/

engineering team to ensure that the design intent is met and any onsite

  changes are approved by that member

- We work directly with the contractors to ensure a smooth installation

  between trades.

- After installation, we train facility personnel on how to operate and

  maintain the water feature (a custom manual is also provided to
  the client)



- Our water features are designed to meet or exceed federal and local codes for

  swimming pool sanitization

- All of our maintenance systems are specifically engineered to meet the needs

  of each project

- We use the latest technologies including ozone, UV, Reverse Osmosis, and other

  filtration techniques

- Maintenance Training is an important part to ensure the client’s waterfall, water wall,

  water effect, or water fountain continues to perform and look great. We do onsite
  training with the client’s facility personnel after every installation.

- Each client also receives an Owner’s Manual that is specific to the water feature.

  This manual is customized to the water feature and includes: actual photo diagrams,
  operating instructions, maintenance procedures, trouble shooting, parts replacement
  list, warranty information, and our contact information.

- A well designed maintenance system can be virtually hands free and include our exclusive:


“Auto-Pure” system:

- Filters incoming supply water and eliminates hard water elements (no white scale)

- Eliminates Ligionela virus found naturally in our supply water in small amounts.

  This virus can breed in a water feature reservoir and become harmful if not

- Uses zero electricity


“Auto-Fill” system:

- Automatically maintains the water level in the reservoir

- No need to manually fill water due to evaporation

- Includes a fail-safe system in the event of mechanical failure

- Includes a convenient method of draining the reservoir during cleaning

  (manual or automatic)

- Uses zero electricity (most designs)


“Auto-Clean” system:

- Designed using the latest technology in the sanitization industry

- These systems are hands-free and require very little servicing

- Very energy efficient

- Sanitizes recirculating water in the waterfall system

- Kills bacteria, viruses, algae, and other organic elements

- Keeps water clean, clear, and sanitized

- Eliminates the need to manually add smelly chemicals (most designs)