L2O Liquid is officially "Patent Pending"

Earlier in 2018 our exclusive L2O received the "patent pending" status. After almost 4 years in R&D and formulating, our liquid has been perfected and is ready to be introduced to the world!! The water feature industry has been officially put on notice and LLWD has set a new standard that will not be beat.


A Preventative Solution to Legionnaire's Disease

A Preventative Solution to Legionnaire's Disease

Legionnaire's disease is a water borne bacteria that can grow to dangerous levels and is found to be in ornamental (or decorative) water fountains and waterfalls. The disease is associated with waterfalls and fountains in community settings such as restaurants, hotels, offices, shopping malls, and conference centers. Outbreaks of this disease are most commonly found in indoor water features.

Those most susceptible are the elderly, transplant patients, and those with immune compromising illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and chronic lung disease. The CDC Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health Care Facilities advises healthcare facilities to avoid decorative fountains in patient care areas. This requires disinfection and fountain maintenance, which includes daily treatment, weekly cleaning, quarterly inspection, and other additional actions to reduce the growth of legionella.

There are many factors that contribute to the growth rate of legionella. Temperatures between 68-122 degrees Fahrenheit is when legionella grows. 85-110 degrees Fahrenheit is when significant amounts rapidly increase. Indoor water features tend to be at lower temperatures but equipment such as UV units, pumps, and lights can elevate water temperature levels higher than 68 degree Fahrenheit.

Transmission of the disease comes from legionella being aerosolized into small droplets approximately 1 to 5 microns in diameter and breathed into the lungs. Droplets larger than 5 microns usually enters the stomach where legionella is ineffective. There are five main types of water features that have different amounts of aerosol. This includes the following from the least to most aerosol production:

  • Sea Bubbler- enclosed water feature where little, if any, aerosol is produced
  • Cascade- pumps water to the top and cascades down a smooth surface with a very peaceful flow, producing in very little aerosol amounts
  • Water Wall- functions like a Cascade fountain but has fine sheeting of water over a large surface area where there is greater possibility of creating small amounts of aerosol
  • Spray- pumps water through a nozzle forcing water to spray into the air and fall back into the sump. This releases a significantly larger amount of aerosol than the other two above
  • Mist- This operates like a table top humidifier. Humidifiers have a fan to circulate the mist, causing it to quickly evaporate. In contrast, the mister stays around in the air for effect. By design, these create the highest amount of aerosol.

Again, regular maintenance and treatments greatly reduce the risk of legionella growth in most water features. However,  LLWD has addressed this issue, investing time and expertise into developing an affordable, easy, and economical solution. "L2O Liquid", is a synthetic fluid that replaces the traditional use of water and is an excellent alternative for both indoor and outdoor water features. Studies have shown that this ideal fluid is 100% resistant to fungus, bacteria, viruses, and algae. To say that this liquid is virtually "maintenance free" sounds too good to be true.... but LLWD seeks to continually innovate and set new standards in the waterfall industry for both economical and environmental benefits.



Our "Solution" to Water Restrictions on Water Features!!

As of April 1st, the state of California imposed the first mandatory water restrictions to aid in dealing with the 4 year drought. Gov. Jerry Brown, in an executive order, directed the State Water Resources Control Board to impose a water reduction of 25% to the state's 400 local water supply agencies, which serve 90% of California residents.

With these restrictions in mind, LL Waterfall Design is introducing it's L2O Liquid. What is L2O Liquid? Its a perfectly clear, non-toxic, synthetic fluid that replaces the use of traditional water. The combination of our features and L20 Liquid eliminates maintenance. This liquid looks and moves like water but has amazing benefits, and is only available through LL Waterfall Design.




  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Evaporative
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Corrosive
  • No Sanitation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Will Not Freeze
  • Will not absorb water
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Minimum of 5 year shelf life
  • Lubricates and Protects Pumps
  • Better sheeting properties
  • No white scale or stains
  • Does not grow bacteria, algae, mold, or viruses

"I Love Waterfalls"

"I Love Waterfalls"

Simply put, "I love waterfalls," say many who appreciate the serenity and peace they provide to our surroundings. Waterfalls invoke a feeling of well being and calm the senses. Indoor waterfalls aid in drowning out background noises or fill the silence for relaxation. LL Waterfall Design offers an exotic, aquatic atmosphere to living spaces and working environments. The earth tones and water, being the world's core life-source, puts us in touch with nature and instructs our bodies to relax, our own form of therapy. 

On the other hand, LL Waterfall Design is not only able to provide a tranquil environment, LLWD also offers more energetic waterfall features with exciting, modern lighting effects. The rain waterfall feature will awaken your senses with a combination of art, light, and the sound of rain.