Born in Toronto, Canada, Artist / Designer Lee Lefebvre (pronounced “LeFave”) has had a passion for creativity and design all his life. From an early age his talents were personified in many aspects of his life. Lefebvre grew up in the city of Oshawa, just outside of Toronto. He attended Durham College in his home town and graduated in 1998 with honors in Mechanical Engineering. Immediately out of College he secured a position as a Quality Manager with U-Nova hose Corporation. For these years he solely developed, implemented and managed the entire quality system from the ground up. His hard work paid off and U-Nova was then awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 quality standard.

In 2001, Lefebvre was offered a position as a Manufacturing Engineer with Overland Storage in San Diego. Leaving his friends and family behind, he began the journey of his life. Lefebvre quickly became a key player in one of the San Diego’s premier manufacturing facilities and implemented new processes that set a standard for the industry.

In 2003, LL Innovation (now d.b.a LL Waterfall Design) was founded in San Diego. Lefebvre combined his Quality and Manufacturing experience with his creativity to produce a solid foundation that would quickly prove successful. Soon after, Lefebvre met bestselling author and mentor Greg Reid. After one meeting, Reid encouraged Lefebvre to follow his passion and overnight his artistic ability was unleashed. Trusting in God and following his heart, he left Overland Storage and dedicated all his time toward his passion, LL Innovation.

Today, LL Waterfall Design (LL Innovation Inc.) is working with some of the top interior designers, architects, contractors and builders in the industry. By combining Lefebvre’s passion for design, engineering experience and unique materials, his work is gaining worldwide attention. Past clients include the popular television show “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” on ABC. Lefebvre was recruited by the famous design team, lead by Ty Pennington, to produce a custom waterfall for the show. More recently, his talent was commissioned for the 2007 MTV Movie Award Gifting Suite, in Hollywood, to produce two unique waterfalls for the branding of the event. In addition, Wish Entertainment contacted Lefebvre to feature him and his success story in the motivational movie “Pass It On”. The movie features many motivational icons, celebrities and business professionals. “Pass It On” is currently being distributed through Blockbuster and NetFlix worldwide.

Our Misson

LL Waterfall Design is committed to producing the most unique and innovative waterfall designs that meet a world-class standard.

About Us

LL Waterfall Design (LL Innovation Inc.) is a full service waterfall design company specializing in custom projects for the high-end commercial and residential industries. The company was founded in 2003 with a strong foundation of Engineering and Quality that make it one of the leaders in waterfall design today. Its modern style utilizes and array of award winning materials, innovative ideas, CAD design, advanced maintenance systems, and a team of experienced fabricators to create some of the most unique designs in the world. LL Waterfall Design is directed by its founder and lead designer, Lee Lefebvre.